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Transitions & Sacred Keys

This is 50

My old school friends and I had a weekend away and we laughed as we placed on Instagram a photo of the hall table with three sets of reading glasses – ‘This is 50’ was the caption.

Since that weekend I have had many conversations with women friends surrounding the nature of this transition time, which falls into the pit of the curve of the psychology model, the ‘U Curve for happiness’. These are thoughts collated from conversations with women who have entered the phase of life ‘This is 50+’, yet there is relevance below no matter your turning point in life.

At our age there is a lot going on, a letting go, quiet unheard sighs, even tears, as we are no
longer required in the intensity of the nurturing role as we once were,
our bodies have shed the physical need to procreate, we are in ‘change’ and in this change an opening
occurs into a space for a new beginning – which is wonderful, as the poet Lesbia Harford declares in her poem ‘Periodicity

‘Women, I say,/are beautiful in change,/Remote, immortal, like the moon they range.’

Moon Women

Like the moon they range


Self stories change

Yet we carry fatigue from the past, from farewells to loved ones and an emotional tiredness from the holding onto our old stories that we are having difficulty releasing into history. Our role, our stories in the world  shift, some women comment on invisibility, some on condescending responses from bright young things who are just beginning high on the ‘U curve’ – as Kitty Flanagan depicted beautifully in her show ‘Seriously’.

So it is up to us now to redefine ourselves on our own terms. The need seems to be apparent in many of us no matter where we sit on the professional and family band stands – a need to get to the heart of the matter because perhaps for the first time the years ahead may well be shorter than those behind. This is a true freedom and in most conversations has required a deep period of introspection and often a spiritual seeking. In some cases a withdrawal occurs from social activity a kind of spiritual hibernation, a delving into a pilgrimage if not physical then at least metaphysical. This is 50, can thus create a cocooning effect where the busy-ness is less meaningful and an emergence is sensed as imminent. It
is a massive transition phase of life and yet little is spoken out into the
Western world to offer guidance, there are no rituals – thus there is a perceived aloneness to it too.

It is self care (often articulated incorrectly as selfishness) that will define our next steps. The
flowing outward from us to others, if we dare nurture within, will be an abundance that
will surprise as it gently unfolds – do we dare to let the
petals of our true selves part from their closely held comfort-current-expectation space?

Painting by Jennifer Cope

Welcome colour during the cocoon effect Painting by Jennifer Cope


Sacred Keys

It all brings back to my mind the teachings of Tantra x 3 ‘Sacred keys’ and William
Whitecloud x 7 ‘Secrets of Magic’ as shared to me by Andrew Mournehis (Divine Grace Yoga) in his intensive ‘The Three Sacred Keys to a Magical Life’:

3 Sacred Keys from Tantra
1. Iccha: What’s your heart’s desire/passion/intention/how can I share
from the truth of my being – Recognise your heart’s desire to open doors
2. Jnana: Ways to create/information to know ‘How’ to create and manifest
– discover rational and intuitive ways that will lead you to unlock the
doors your heart seeks to open
3. Kriya: What actions do I take to make a reality and manifest my
creations? – The action, structure and ‘will’ that is required from you to
open the doors

Magic happens when we align these keys.

There is likely already recognition of the doors and familiarity with the locks and a ‘knowing’ of how to open them, we have perhaps even sketched out the actions…so now for the will to
implement the structure to meet our heart’s desires – with the courage, the integrity, the sight of the clear eyed warrior within. Balancing and strengthening at Manipura Chakra always helps here – respect the wisdom of the gut, the second brain.

7 Secrets of Magic from William Whitecloud to challenge you and rock your
perceptive reality view
1. Your thoughts and feelings are not real
2. Your focus creates your reality
3. Everyone has a heart
4. There is nothing to do, but there is always action to take (truly accepting the current reality and then acting on it)
5. Structure has integrity – if the structure doesn’t work change it
6. You get energy from a higher source Always focus on the higher vibration
7. It will always take your will…Take action

And Andrew also asks, ‘Can you be with the tension that seeks resolution…’

Friction out into the world is always created when a skin is shed.

It seems to me it is a deeply felt letting go, allowing the unfolding of that tight held bud …the keys are apparent in the
secrets above – now to acknowledge this within ourselves and begin to allow
an inner heart celebration of love to self, accepted with joy from the
great heart of the universe – the higher vibration you are reaching

A Poem by Pesha Joyce Gertler

The Healing Time
Finally on my way to yes
I bump into
all the places
where I said no
to my life
all the untended wounds
the red and purple scars
those hieroglyphs of pain
carved into my skin, my bones,
those coded messages
that send me down
the wrong street
again and again
where I find them
the old wounds
the old misdirections
and I lift them
one by one
close to my heart
and I say    holy
© Pesha Joyce Gertler

References: Andrew Mournehis, William Whitecloud as shared by Andrew, Vale Pesha Joyce Gertler, Sally Kempton who introduced me to the Great Heart, Lesbia Harford, ABC RN interview with Renata Singer for her book ‘Older, Bolder’, Helen Garner, Kitty Flanagan, Jennifer Cope, heart-opened-raw conversations with friends.

Inviting in Piranhas and Sharks

The title may not make sense just yet but this is a post about impressions, how we step into life, into a posture or an experience. Specifically, how have we entered into the year 2015.


January was a holiday month for me and so I was able to step into 2015 meeting friends, family and indulging in rest – bliss, a wonderful beginning. However my chosen energetic imprint that I’d like to take with me for the rest of the year came from an evening dog walk to the beach. To back track, the holiday dog walks were often shared with my dog whisperer friend who was on her school holidays – I’ll call her T. T has an innate ability and assurance with animals that is quite remarkable. In particular she can take my wilful red heeler in hand like no one else and she carries with her an energy that is uplifting, sincere and fun.

Canine friends

Suspended energy

Evening Walk

One evening I’d been busy with new year set up tasks and hadn’t given the dogs their usual late afternoon walk. T texted and asked, ‘are you walking tonight?’ – I suggested I pick her up at 8pm and we’d go to the beach. It was late enough for the dogs to be off lead. On arriving at the beach we found the wind was up and the tide was rushing in – there was a wildness in the air. Focused on the dogs we began our walk taking care not to let them in for a swim as the waves in the bay were raucous and rough. The wind pushed against us as we threw the ball and kept everyone pretty close. The dogs noses were everywhere as the scents of the sea were tossed about from one direction to the next. We forged on breathing deeply, salt and spray entering our noses and even mouths as we spoke. As we came to the end of the first cove we instructed everyone to jump the sea wall onto the path and then we placed our leads on the dogs. The waves hit the sea wall with great smacks sending heavy sprays over the walking path, over us. There were few walkers that night and it was too hard to stop for conversation. It was tricky enough to even send out a smile. The next cove was somewhat sheltered by a groyne of rocks extending out into the bay to aid in sand erosion management. So we had a short respite where the ball could be sent off in a determined direction and the dogs could settle onto a single scent path. A lone surf kite was being packed up on this cove but other than that the territory was our own.

Piranhas and Sharks

The return walk included more wave-smack-spray action and the delayed drop of weighty foam hitting our backs. The windy cove returned us into a blast but this time it pushed us onward toward the steps and up to the car. We cleaned our feet including all four paws x 3 of our canine family and T provided assistance to a surf-sail boarder packing up his sails. Then we got back into the car where I exclaimed, ‘we are full of prana now!’. To which T questioned, ‘piranhas?’ I smiled, ‘P-R-A-N-A, but yes it could sound like piranha.’ Then without thinking I naively offered, ‘or we could say we feel the sensations of Shakti.’ T gave a cheeky, quizzical smile, ‘sharks?’ By this time we are both laughing, ‘yes’, I said, ‘we are now filled with piranhas and sharks, both the vital life force/life air and the energy of the cosmos.’ We exited the carpark cheeky and laughing and yes filled with the vibration of an almighty energy swirling within us and about us.

So this is how I’m choosing to enter into 2015 – filled with piranhas and sharks! It isn’t that I’ve stepped into this year free of personal afflictions but I am choosing as I notice my faults or my struggles to smile and remember that precious walk on the beach filled with life air and the energy of the entire cosmos. This is the impression I will offer my psyche as it tumbles out of a pose, meets a challenging experience or feels a little low. Piranhas and sharks shared with my dynamic friend T.

3 Breath Meditation Practice (referencing verses 24-27 Vijnana Bhairava)

Making choices no matter what situation we face and arriving with energy

Find your seat on the floor or a chair. Choose a mudra for your hands.

Shakti Breath Waves

Shakti Breath Waves

Reflect on how we make choices in life when faced with the myriad of life events: Take a moment to observe and accept the breath just as it is, perhaps for a minute or two. Then if you like, choose to change the breath by counting 3 for the inhale and sending it down to the sit bones, exhale for 6 letting energy rise and shoulder blades soften and fall. Alter your inhale and exhale ratios as you choose or as you expand into the breath practice. Practice this for several minutes then invite in another choice to ‘let go’ or walkaway from this particular form of altered breath
Return to acceptance, observe the natural breath as it is offered to you now, feel into any sensations in the body knowing you are empowered to change and correct if your posture needs to be altered. Maintain or reinstate your mudra.
Now/atha, bring the breath in from just above the crown of your head and down toward the heart, as it reaches the heart suspend it there for a moment – a breath suspension is not a holding of the breath it is an entering into a different energetic space in which movement can continue – in this suspension feel the presence of Shakti. Then as you need exhale and return awareness and breath to your crown. Again suspending the breath and drawing awareness to the sensation, the movement of energy – Shakti.


Inhale crown to heart – suspend the breath ( antar kumbhaka)
Exhale heart to crown – suspend the breath (bahir kumbhaka)

Verse 27. When the Energy of the Breath is retained outside or inside the peaceful state is revealed by means of Shakti. This is the way of prana-shakti or the vital life energy giving life to you, to the universe.

***Take care if you have high blood pressure as the suspended breath should not be practiced. As an option, if you have high blood pressure, use awareness to notice when the breath changes from an inhale to an exhale and from an exhale to an inhale but do not suspend/retain the breath – be a witness to the change in movement.

La Luna’s Blog is the Moon-bower


Welcome to La Luna Meditations. Specifically this blog. I hope you will enjoy the exploration of the yogic path that will be offered here. I intend to share with you words, thoughts, insights from classes and images that celebrate yoga. It struck me today that I am a yogic bower bird who whilst trained in Hatha enjoys the discoveries and insights from an array of lineages and yogic paths. I delight in revealing parallels between yogic teachings and other philosophies and religions. The Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, Plato’s Republic to name just three texts have their intersecting concepts, even phrases that share similar ideas.

IMG_1006.JPG - Version 2La Luna Meditations as a name came to me as I traced my mind body rhythms with the cycles of the moon. It was a time of great confusion in my life, a time of distress, a turning point where life challenged me to examine who I was by reducing my sense of I to a point of chaos. The moon became my anchor, a waxing, waning anchor toward gentle light. I obsessively photographed the moon in attempt to reconnect with something greater more infinite and vast. In the tangible act of amateur moon photography I connected and reconnected to my sense of self as part of a wonderous whole. The more clearly I observed the whole of the moon with its infinite displays through fine weather, bleak weather, night and day, through foliage, or cloud – the greater the clarity, the greater the awareness of my true nature, that core that had been knocked severely off-centre.

In addition to my moon cycle therapy : ) I returned to yoga. When I say returned, I’d been dabbling for two decades without bringing it in as part of my life, the return was the realisation that this was not something I went to for a class here and there, on and off – this was a way of choosing to be – it was a way of being.

So welcome to the moon-bower! I hope you enjoy the offerings you find hanging in the twigs.